Terms & Conditions - Local Product Warranty

  1. The warranty is valid for purchases made from our official e-store (Raldmoyer Store SG; www.raldmoyer.store) in Singapore only.

  2. The warranty covers against manufacturing defects for a period as stated below, from the date of purchase. Warranty must be validated or registered in www.raldmoyer.store. Accessories excluded.

    • Water Dental Jets - 24 months;

    • Facial Cleansing Device - 12 months. 

  3. Proof of purchase must be presented for verification in any warranty claim and they must be:

    • Legible and clear.

    • Original, scanned copy or photograph of the purchase receipt from Raldmoyer Store SG is acceptable provided it contains information of (a) date of purchase, (b) receipt number, (c) product description, (d) purchase quantity and (e) purchase amount.

  4. Warranty registration requires a PIN for authenticity verification purpose. The PIN can be found within the box or printed on the purchase receipt. As our auto-form is unable to verify the PIN on registration,  we reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim if the PIN is subsequently found to be incorrect even if it has been acknowledged when registration is submitted or received.

  5. The warranty is void if there is any sign of attempted repair or alteration, dismantling, tampering, maneuver or removal of the mechanical parts, improper use or not ordinarily used for domestic purposes.

  6. The warranty does not cover malfunctioning or damages caused by accident, fire, electrical short circuit, mishandling, force majeure or usage not in accordance to the instruction manual.

  7. Raldmoyer Store SG reserves the right to refuse warranty servicing requests that are not registered, inaccurate or registered in www.raldmoyer.store and/or under circumstances of points (3), (4), (5) and/or (6).

  8. Raldmoyer Store SG assumes no liability for any breach of the warranty or whatsoever beyond correcting the breach in a way as stated herein. Raldmoyer Store SG shall not, in any way, be liable for consequential loss, damages or compensation resultant from the loss of use of the product.

  9. Customer will be requested to verify his/her identity against the records of warranty registration held by Raldmoyer Store SG when requesting for warranty services.

  10. Warranty cannot be transferred or assigned to another person or a 3rd party.

  11. Warranty period will not be extended under any circumstances.

  12. Warranty does not cover the costs of transportation, commuting, delivery, postage and/or handling of product to and from the service location.

  13. By registration, it is deemed that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions of the warranty.