Simple Routine Makes a Difference


Although Singapore has moved into Phase 3 of reopening since 28 December 2020, we are still required to wear masks whenever we are out-of-home. Even when seated in the restaurant waiting for food to be served, we have to be mask-on. Of course, for everyone's safety, wearing a mask is an effective measure in containing the community spread of Covid-19.

On the other hand, wearing masks for long hours has led to personal beauty concerns. Some have developed skin allergies or conditions where they have not experienced before. Others have dry mouths, cracked lips or bad breaths. Unknowingly, these symptoms can cause dental health concerns such as gum diseases, tooth cavity or decay.

Here are some effective ways to upkeep good dental health:

~ Keep our masks hygienic. Fabric masks should be washed daily whereas disposable masks should not be worn for over 8 hours.

~ Daily brushing and rinsing of our mouths after meals.

~ Daily flossing to remove or prevent debris, plaque and cavity built-up. Certainly, WATER FLOSSING has proven to be more effective than string flossing. It is also and much easier and pleasant.

~ Drink enough water to keep our mouths moist.

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