How to describe the innovative new Raldmoyer Water Dental Jet AT120 to your loved ones and buddies?

As much as we like to share about elevating your dental care and the efficacy in water flossing, here is how you can describe the new, innovative and advanced AT120 to your loved ones and buddies.

AT120 comes in 2 favoured colour choices. First, the white colour that comes from the design idea of Egyptian-artifact Cleopatra - clever and intriguing. Second, the navy blue that comes from the design idea of Greek Neo Classic Athena - wisdom, craft and warfare. These colours add pleasure and motivation to your daily water flossing.


This model dispenses pressured spray of up to 1400 frequency per minute at 0.6mm spray density and in circular-motion that boosts the pulsation effect. The combine effect of these mechanisms gives our teeth and gum lines thorough clean; effectively removing plaque, cavity, bacteria and food debris trapped in between the teeth, as well as massaging the gum. You will "fall in love" with that clean feeling soon after.


- Trio modes 6 pulsed pressure options AND patent pending Child’s mode options. Choose your preferred pressure mode including the new gentler yet effective pressure spray that is suitable for children or people with very sensitive gums.

- Intelligent safety lock, preventing unintentional operation.

- Auto switch-off, when the device is not in use for 30 seconds.

- Built-in 1600mAH lithium-ion battery. Using magnetic inductive USB charger, a 7-hour full charge may last up to 30 days’ use. Easy and convenient.

- Ergonomic handle design; anti-slip and easy to maneuver when flossing.

- Its reservoir tank is made from PBA-free and FDA-approved sustainable medical grade materials. Safe and eco-friendly.

- IPX7 waterproof rating. Safe for use during shower.

- Quality assurance; certified of compliance to CE, PSE and FCC standards; comes with 2 years’ local warranty upon registration.

- Each set comes with 2 standard jet tips and the magnetic induction USB charger. Optional orthodontic jet tips are available.

Get started with water flossing with the advanced AT120 Water Dental Jet. Consider it as an unique gift idea for your loved ones and make it a new dental care regimen at home! Your dentist will commend on your dental cleanliness in your next checkup.

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