Elevate your dental health care with water flossing


Using a Raldmoyer Dental Water Jet (also known as a water flosser or an oral irrigator) that sprays a thin stream of water with pulsed pressure that effectively remove plaque, cavity, bacteria and food debris trapped in between the teeth. It cleans up those hard-to-reach interdental spaces as it also massages the gum.


Water flossing has proven its efficacy as compared to brushing and string flossing, as published in many dentistry journals. A quote from the clinical dentistry journal (J Clin Dent), “in whole mouth test, water flossing achieved 74.4% plaque removal success compared to 57.7% with string flossing. Water flossing is significantly more effective than string flossing in removing plaque including the hard-to-reach area often missed by brushing”. Water flossing also adds the function of gum massaging thereby improving our gum health over time, which string flossing is unable to do. It is recommended for our daily use and especially for those who are wearing orthodontic appliances (e.g. braces, bridges and implants). Dental care is also very important for expectant mothers, which good dental health during pregnancy reduces the tendency of periodontitis (gum disease) and other complications.


1. Mount the jet tip securely onto the charged Raldmoyer Water Dental Jet. There are 2 types of jet tips: standard and orthodontic.

2. Flip open the reservoir cap and fill up with tap water. Its full capacity may last up to 45 or 60 seconds of continuous application. For those with sensitive gum, you may fill up with lukewarm water.

3. Lean forward to the basin. Aim the jet tip at the gum line of the molars (back teeth) then switch on the device by pushing the button of the mode selectors.

4. Select your preferred pressure mode: Soft/Low for routine flossing and daily dental care regimen. Strong/High for special cleaning such as orthodontic wires or special needs. The new model, AT120, comes with the patent-pending innovative Child's mode that befits children and people with very sensitive gum.

5. As the pulsed pressure water sprays, glide the jet tip gradually from the back to the front teeth, both inside and outside as well as upper and lower jaws.

6. Keep your lips partially close during flossing so as to prevent splashing. Allow the water to flow onto the basin.

7. After flossing, empty the reservoir tank. Recharge the device if battery level is low.


1. Both models come with 2 trendy colour choices; matching your lifestyle or preference.

2. Raldmoyer Water Dental Jets are built on ergonomic handle design; anti-slip and easy to maneuver during flossing.

3. Both models have built-in lithium-ion battery; fast magnetic (or induction) recharging by USB cable, which is universally adaptable. A full charge for CF100 may last up to 20 times use whereas for AT120, up to 30 days' use.

4. Both models are rated of IPX5 or IPX7 waterproof standards; safe for use during shower.

5. AT120 model's reservoir tank is made from PBA-free and FDA-approved medical grade materials. Safe and eco-friendly.

6. Raldmoyer Dental Water Jets are compact and lightweight. They can be carried in the outing bag for use after meals and when travelling.

7. Both models are certified of compliance to EMC Directive, PSE, CE EMC and/or FCC standards.

8. Quality assurance - factory provides 24 months’ warranty against manufacturing defects. Local warranty is valid with successful online registration.

9. Support a start-up SME.

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