Oral Irrigator

Oral Irrigator: Elite Dental Health Products and Oral Solutions From the Raldmoyer Store!

Raldmoyer Store SG was founded in July 2020 to honour the invention of Dr. Gerald Moyer, a prominent dentist from Colorado who introduced the world to the first-ever dental water jet. Engineered at Colorado State University, the value of health products like the oral irrigator has spread rapidly to the rest of the world as people recognize and begin to weigh in on the importance of oral hygiene.


Quite often, "oral irrigator" is used interchangeably with "water flosser" and "dental water jet". Leaping into the world of oral irrigator products can somehow be overwhelming, so let's walk through the process together to find the right health products to fit the needs of shoppers everywhere.

What Is An Oral Irrigator?

First and foremost, an oral irrigator is one of many health products directed toward cleaning and clearing our mouths of bacteria, plaque, cavity and bad breath. Oral irrigator targets a condensed, pulsed and powerful stream of water toward those hard-to-reach areas within our mouths including between teeth and below the gum line. While powerful, the power is built within the tolerance level of our gum. Users can also select the power mode such as strong or soft, which best fit their preferences and oral conditions.

What Can An Oral Irrigator Do?

Adding an oral irrigator such as the Raldmoyer AT120 will allow individuals to tackle their oral concerns at their roots. AT120 oral irrigator is a state-of-the-art dental water pick that provides complete coverage when it comes time to employ water flossing within our mouth.


Water Flossing can lead to direct benefits including:

  • Reduce 99% of Plaque Within the Oral Environment

  • Control and Prevent the Spread of Gingivitis

  • Replace Traditional Flossing With an Easy-to-Use Alternative

  • Reduce the Overall Occurrences of Gum Bleeding

  • Eradicate Bacteria Known For Causing Gum Disease

  • Enjoy Notably Better Smelling and Fresher Breath

After exploring the available health products at the Raldmoyer Store, take some time to pick out the water pick that speaks most clearly to you. Raldmoyer Store SG is proud to offer flexible payment options through our partner, Hoolah, as well as additional oral irrigator accessories, and colour options.