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Frequently Asked Questions - CF100 Portable Dental Water Jet

Advanced dental care in your hand


Packed with many thoughtful and user-friendly features,  the CF100 is part of the revolutionary range of dental care solutions by Raldmoyer. Experience an overall transformation in your dental health with results that brushing and traditional flossing alone will not achieve.



  • Dimensions: D 84mm x W 60mm x H 233mm

  • Height with Tip: 310mm

  • Weight: Weight: Product 320g / Shipping – 480g

  • Suitable for Indoor usage only

  • Available Colours - Aqua Blue with Silver lining and White with Rose Gold lining


Water Flosser

  • Pressure setting: 2 modes

  • Cleaning Pressure: 42-90 psi

  • Pulsation: 1000 Pulse per minute

  • Penetrative Cleaning Capacity >6mm

  • IPX5 Water Resistant rating

  • Reservoir Tank Capacity: 140ml

  • Reservoir Reserve Usage Time: Up to 45 seconds


Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

  • Full-Charging Time: 2½ hours.

  • Charger port: USB Type A, DC5V 1A

  • Input Power: 5W

  • Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz

How to use the Raldmoyer® Dental Jet?

  • Charge up the unit. A full charge may take approximately 2½ hours.

  • Fill the water tank with lukewarm or room temperature tap water.

  • Insert the jet tip securely into the handle and select the pressure and pulsation mode. (We recommend for 1st time users to set the pressure mode to “low”.)

  • Lean over the basin and place the jet tip into your mouth before switching on the dental jet to start the water flow.

  • Close your lips partially to prevent splashing when using the dental jet. Allow the water to flow from your mouth into the basin.

  • Aim the jet tip at the gum line starting with the molars (back teeth). Glide the jet tip along inside and outside of the gum line, pausing briefly in between the teeth and working from the back of the mouth to the front.

  • Continue until you have cleaned the front and back sides of your teeth for your upper and lower jaw.

  • The operation time for water flosser depends on the water in the reservoir tank. A full tank of water should last between 45-60 secs. We recommended splitting the flossing time between each section of your teeth.

  • In the event that water supply is depleted before cleaning is completed, simply refill the unit with more water to continue the process.

  • Once the cleaning is completed, switch off the device and empty the tank. You may also detach the jet tip.

  • Remember to recharge the unit when the battery is low so that it is ready for the next use.


When should I increase the flossing pressure?

  • Depending on comfort and preferences, you may operate the water jet on a "low" or "high" pressure mode once you have become accustomed to the pressure and pulsation sensation after some use.


Is there a specific voltage difference when charging the Dental Jet?

  • No, Raldmoyer® uses USB charging and is compatible with  universal voltages.


Is the Raldmoyer® Dental Jet water resistant?

  • Yes, it is water resistant and certified with IPX5 standard.

  • It is safe for use when showering.

  • However, we do not recommend immersing the entire unit completely in the water.


What are the unique features and benefits of Raldmoyer® Dental Jet CF100?

  • CF100 releases water spray with pulsation thereby rinsing away food residues in hard to reach places between teeth, cleaning up the gum lines and eliminating mouth odour.

  • It works exceptionally well for those who are wearing orthodontic appliances such as braces and bridges, especially when cleaning around the appliances.

  • Depending on usage, you may select between a “soft” or “strong” mode with a pressure force that ranges between 42-75 psi.

  • Along with its high frequency pulsation at 1200Hz per minute, the resulting jet spray is a highly effectively in penetrating between tight spaces in between the teeth to remove plague and food residues whilst massaging the gums.

  • It comes with a tank capacity of 140ml, storing enough water for approximately 45 to 60 seconds of flossing.

  • The USB magnetic fast charging function provides a full charge after approximately 2½ hours charging and is able to last up to 20 times of repeated usage.

  • Its ergonomic design handle is fitted with anti-slip grip, for easy holding and manoeuvre when flossing.

  • There are 2 colour choices, White and Aqua Blue.


What are the quality control and authenticity references?

  • Raldmoyer® Water Dental Jets are tested and certified in meeting compliance standards by independent laboratories including EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, PSE (for electrical appliances) and CE EMC Test Report.

  • Raldmoyer® trademarks are registered and inventions are patented.