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Frequently Asked Questions - LD8668 Facial Cleansing Brush

Purifying and protective skin care in your hand


An intelligent facial cleaning solution that takes care of itself as it takes care of you. LD8668 comes with versatile function modes designed to provide just the right touch for deep yet gentle cleansing of your skin. The overall result is an improved texture and appearance of your skin.


The self-drying and UV sterilization function gives added assurance against contaminants while it effectively reduces blackheads, traces of makeup, oil and environment pollutants. Thoughtfully designed by Raldmoyer for optimal care of your skin.


Cleansing Brush & Base Unit

  • Dimensions
    Cleaning brush:
    D90mm X W50mm x H195mm (175g)
    Cleaning brush with charging base:
    D95mm x W57mm x H225mm (290g)


  • Shipping Weight: 680g

  • 2-way alternating rotation: clockwise / anti-clockwise

  • Micro vibration pressure

  • 2-Speed Setting: fast / soft

  • Inbuilt air vent & ultraviolet light panel

  • IPX7 water resistant rating

  • Full charge usage time: Up to 1 hour

  • Charging time (full charge): 5 hours

Standard Brush Head

  • Standard - 40mm diameter / 20mm thick (10g)

  • 32,000 Super-soft, 0.05mm round-tip bristles
    (Fraction of pore size)

  • Dupont Material

Silicone Brush Head

  • Silicone - 40mm diameter / 10mm thick (10g)

How to start using the Raldmoyer® Beauty Cleansing Brush?

  • Please allow cleansing brush to be fully charge if you are using it for the 1st time or if you have not used it in a while.

  • A full charge may take approximately 5 hours.

  • Cleansing brush can be used up to 1 hour per full charge.


How to charge up the Beauty Cleansing Brush?

  • Insert one end of the USB charger to the charging stand and connect the other end to a power source using a adaptor with a USB pin plug.

  • A red light will appear on the base to indicate that the base is ready to charge the cleansing brush.

  • The cleansing brush is designed to wind dry and sterilise as it charges. Place the cleansing brush face down on the charging base. This will trigger the battery charging, wind drying and ultraviolet (UV) sterilisation process at the same time.

  • A blue indicator light will come on when the process starts. As it goes, the brush head will rotate automatically every few seconds, to ensure 360° wind drying and sterilising of the brush head.

  • The indicator light will switch from blue to red after 10 seconds to allow for the drying mode. This will last for around 80 minutes.

  • At the end of the drying cycle, the blue light will come on for the final stage of the UV sterilization for another 10 minutes.

  • The unit will automatically switch off when it is finished.

  • Leave the cleansing brush to complete the battery charging cycle (full charge ±5 hours).


How to use the Beauty Cleansing Brush?

  • Wet your face with some water.

  • Attached the desired brush head (standard or silicon) to the cleaning device by pushing it down until you hear a click.

  • Apply a small amount of facial cleansing foam, cream, gel or lotion onto the brush head.

  • Bring the brush head to the area you wish to clean and turn on the cleansing brush using the power button.

  • Press button once – Blue LED light will appear. Brush head will rotate in soft mode clockwise and switch to anti-clockwise every 10 seconds for up to 2 minutes.

  • Press button twice – Blue LED light will appear along with a beeper sound. Brush head will rotate in fast mode clockwise and switch to anti clockwise every 10 seconds for up to 2 minutes.

  • Press button 3rd time to power off.

  • To turn off the cleansing brush before a cycle is completed, press the power button down and hold for a few seconds.

  • Rinse off the cleanser from your skin with clean water, pat dry and apply other skin care products as per your usual beauty regimen.

  • Rinse off the remaining cleanser from the brush head.

  • Place the facial cleansing brush onto the charging base and it will automatically start the wind drying and UV sterilization process.



What mode or brush head should I use?

  • Depending on skin condition and preference, you may operate the cleansing brush on soft or fast mode. You may switch between the modes according to the operating instruction above.

  • We recommend that you start with the soft mode when first using the product.

  • Standard brush head: Extra-fine brush tips with deep pores penetration to clean pores and improve the skin texture. Brush tip is made up of 0.05mm round-tipped soft bristle, which is approximately ⅓ the size of our facial pores. This allows penetration into the pores to remove deep impurities.

  • Silicon brush head: Gently removes surface build-ups such as environmental pollutants –  dust, grease and make-up residues (suitable for sensitive skin). Its crescent-shaped brush tip reduces occurrence of allergies and helps with exfoliation.


Is there a specific voltage difference when charging the cleansing brush?

  • No, Raldmoyer® uses magnetic USB charging and is compatible with universal voltages.



Is the cleansing brush waterproof?

  • Yes, the device is waterproof and certified with IPX7 standards.

  • It is safe for use when showering. However, we do not recommend immersing the entire cleansing device completely into the water.

  • The charging base is NOT waterproof or water resistant. Therefore, avoid contacting it with water.



What are the unique features and benefits of Raldmoyer® Facial Cleansing Device LD8668?

  • Rotary micro vibration pressure removes impurities and gently massages your skin to improve blood circulation.

  • Effectively removes blackheads, make-up, dirt and other impurities.

  • Automatic self-drying and ultraviolet (UV) sterilization gives added assurance against contaminants on brush heads.

  • Fast foaming effect with facial cleansing liquid.

  • Deep pores cleansing with the extra-fine, super soft brush head (standard).

  • Silky soft crescent-shaped brush head helps to exfoliate skin and reduce occurrence of skin allergies.

  • Wireless operation provides unrestricted movements when cleansing.

  • Precisely-timed operation – device switches off automatically after 2 minutes. Simply turn on again to continue using.

  • Auto safety operation feature to avoid overheating of the device. Device will automatically shut down and beeper will sound to alert if it is due for timeout. You may resume using after a short interval.

  • Cleansing brush is water resistant and can be used conveniently while showering.

  • Suitable to bring along when travelling – Compact design with international voltage compatibility


What are the quality control and authenticity references?

  • Raldmoyer® Facial Cleansing Brush is tested and certified in meeting conformity standards by independent laboratories, including EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and CE EMC Test Report.

  • Raldmoyer® is a registered trademark.