Facial Cleanser

Regain Your Clear Complexion With a Facial Scrub and Cleanser with Raldmoyer Products!

Are you looking for visibly clearer skin? Do you dream of a cleaner complexion that allows you to feel confident every time that you look in the mirror? No matter where you are with your beauty and skincare regimen, it is always worthwhile to look for an innovative new facial scrub and facial cleanser.

Raldmoyer products are aimed to provide our customers with innovative solutions, for well-being and home comfort. Inspired by the invention of Dr. Gerald Moyer in dental care, Raldmoyer is excited to extend its offering to another winning array of facial cleansing solutions for the needs of its valued customers.

Optimize Your Facial Skincare Routine and Regimen

There are only a few things in life more frustrating than waking up to a new blemish. Why add this facial cleanser to our list? Raldmoyer facial scrub device is optimized by the research team in the head office. The cleansing device allows us to enjoy visibly clearer skin and it is an innovative product aimed to help us for the longer term.

Raldmoyer developed the Facial Cleansing device set that comes with the Ultra Soft and Silky Silicone brush heads to provide deep cleansing solutions to individuals through oscillation, brush spinning and gentle vibration across the surface of our skin in 2 alternating speed options (slow or fast). The ultra-Soft brush head is suitable for the daily cleansing regimen whereas the silky silicone brush head is suitable for T-zone cleansing and people with sensitive skin. Let's take a look at how a professional facial cleanser brush can provide immediate benefits to individuals of every skin type.

  • Improved Skin Regeneration — To enjoy visibly clearer skin, we must start with extensive exfoliation. A facial scrub device can go a long way toward exfoliating dead skin without the use of heavy or harsh chemicals.

  • Rid ourselves from Bacteria — Bacterial growth on our face can lead directly to acne. So let's put acne problems to the past with our Raldmoyer facial cleanser device. Smooth and ideal for removing surface buildup, it is a solution we can get on board with at home. 

  • Remove Makeup — The facial cleanser device is not only great for clearing our skin, it is also ideal for removing residues of makeup that may not be thoroughly cleaned with facial foam or facial wipes.

Start shopping today at Raldmoyer Store SG to enjoy winning skin and dental care solutions!