Dental Water Jet

Maximize Your Oral Hygiene With a Water Flosser and Dental Water Jet.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Gerald Moyer, inventor of the world's premium dental water jet, Raldmoyer Store SG is incorporated to continue distributing professional dental water jet solutions to those who need them. As oral hygiene continues to grow in its importance, thanks to advancements in the field, shoppers throughout South-east Asia and Singapore can find the dental water jets they need to embrace these stunning dental solutions.

Raldmoyer Store: The Dental Water Jet For YOU!

Using dental water jets may seem almost intimidating at first, especially for people who are not used to water flossing (or using dental water jets or water flossers). Dental water jets spray a thin stream of water with pressure and pulsation towards the spaces between our teeth as well as our gum line. This core and unique function effectively rinse away plaque, bacteria and cavity that reside in our mouth, teeth or gumline. It also reduces our risk of developing gum disease. Brushing alone is not enough to effectively clean up the unreachable interdental spaces.

While there are plenty of dental water jet and water flosser tools on the market, very few of them offer the hybrid and professional functionality that is built by Raldmoyer; with the mission of offering advanced dental solutions. Let's look at one of the finest dental water jet options on the market, model AT 120.

AT120 is a portable Dental Water Jet available in 2 chic colours. Valued for bringing advanced dental care to the hands of our customers, AT120 features six powerful settings, an intelligent safety lock and a truly unique child's mode (patent pending). Its IPX7 waterproof rating ensures safe usage during the shower and its auto switch-off mode provides peace of mind. The overall advanced attributes make certain safety and oral hygiene, which go hand-in-hand together. The safety standards are certified by independent laboratories. It is also eco-friendly with its reservoir tank made from medical-grade material that is PBA-free and FDA-approved.

To enjoy the intelligent AT120 from the comfort of home, Raldmoyer Store SG is offering 24 months limited warranty for purchases made from Raldmoyer Store SG. It is also collaborating with Hoolah to provide an option of three months interest-free Flexi-Pay on your purchase of AT120 Dental Water Jet. Elevating your oral healthcare is just a click away!