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Explore the Engaging Benefits of Water Flossing With Premium Dental Care Products.

Oral health is incredibly important not just to our physical appearance but for our long-term well-being. The degradation of our oral hygiene may lead directly to larger problems that can potentially derail our life. Therefore, using premium dental care products is one of the recipes for winning in oral hygiene.


Raldmoyer Store SG was founded in August 2020 with the mission of providing access to key dental care products, inspired by the invention of Dr. Gerald Moyer. With the unique range of water flossing solutions and accessibility of Flexi-pay options, Raldmoyer Store SG has plenty to offer for oral hygiene enthusiasts.

Water Flossing 101: How Does an Aqua or Water Dental Pick Help My Health?

Water flossers are also known as dental water jets or oral irrigators. They first found their way into the world in the 60s, as an alternative to traditional string flossing. Originally nicknamed the 'dental water jet', water flossing tools have become incredibly popular around the world, recognized and recommended for their efficacy and ease-of-use.


There are many reasons to consider incorporating a water flossing tool into our day-to-day dental care routine. Let's take a closer look at what these tools do and how they work.

  • Reduce bacteria — First and foremost, its core function of spraying a thin stream of water (with pressure and pulsation) towards the teeth and gum line, oral water jets or water flossing picks reduce the level of bacteria found within the mouth that prevents the potential risk of developing gum disease.

  • Eradicate plaque — Make plaque a thing of the past with a water flossing product. Oral irrigators can reduce up to 99% more plaque than simply brushing with an old toothbrush.

  • Control gingivitis — Prevent gingivitis. Dental cleanliness (with bacteria and plaque eliminated) helps to prevent gingivitis and other gum diseases. We will be confident to show prettier smiles with the aid of a water flossing tool in the long run. In addition to tackling gingivitis, water flossing helps to prevent bad breath.

Raldmoyer Store SG carries a range of authentic water flossing dental care products with independent laboratory certifications of safety standards, to better meet the needs of their customers. Each water flossing tool brings innovation into the hands of the users. Start shopping today!