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While most of us have increased using health and beauty care products on our skin, we seem to overlook an essential step of our beauty care routine, and that is deep cleansing. It is more than surface cleansing such as plain water washing, foam rinsing or a quick wipe on our faces. It is the next step after foam cleansing where we use suitable health and beauty care products to thoroughly remove dirt, excess oil and makeup from the pores in our faces.


Consider what your skin is exposed to all sorts of impurities every day. From sweat, makeup, pollutants from the environment, bacteria and even germs; leading to aging and unhealthy skin. Deep cleansing with the use of Raldmoyer facial cleansing device helps to remove impurities and bring about radiant and healthy-looking skin. Deep cleansing also helps to support skin hydration, reduces the generation of excess oil and enables other beauty products to work more effectively.


Today, as we are required (by law) to wear masks for long hours or whenever we are out-of-home to safeguard ourselves from infecting Covid-19, many people are experiencing skin problems. Impurities can be trapped under the mask and there is a more pressing need to have deep cleansing. 


Deep cleansing needs the use of the right health and beauty products that effectively brings about the best results for our skin. Raldmoyer facial cleansing device is effective, gentle and safe. The set comes with 2 brush heads, Ultra-soft (for routine use) and Silicone (for T-zone and sensitive skin). Another beauty tip, when shopping for beauty products for our skin, go for reliable cleansers that are suitable for your skin type and those made from natural ingredients (esp. to be paraben-free). 


If you are convinced to add deep cleansing into your skincare regimen, try the facial cleanser device from Raldmoyer. Raldmoyer was established with the vision of providing innovative lifestyle and beauty products. With much attention given to details, the brand is offering an excellent and unique range of high-quality products to suit the palate of modern-day life. This success is backed by a dedication to extensive research and development, exemplary quality assurance, authentication, independent laboratory certifications and committed customer services that hold to this day.

Raldmoyer Store is also partnering Okachi and has added its best-selling product into our portfolio - Okachi Electric Facial Blackheads Extractor and Deep Pores Cleansing Unit. This product works like a vacuum suction that extracts blackheads, acne and excess oil from the facial pores and follicle. Effective on targetted spots and gentle on the skin. It comes with 4 replaceable heads for different purposes, e.g. extract blackheads and ance, reduce visible wrinkles, exfoliate dead skin cells and smoothen skin texture. Find out more in the product listing. Open for pre-ordering.

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